Songezo Cycling Academy

Masiphumelele is an overpopulated township with more than 30,000 residents and offers very little recreational opportunities for the youth. Every day they are confronted with rampant crime, drug and alcohol abuse, many other social evils, and their home circumstances are often terrible as unemployment is a huge problem in the area.

The Academy offers the youth population an opportunity to participate in cycling as a much-needed recreational activity and exposes them, through their cycling participation, to higher levels of competition, bicycle maintenance and many general life skills, including support with their education, that help them in their future roles in the labour market.

To introduce, promote, encourage and facilitate road cycling as a sport to the youth.
To improve road safety for all cyclists and awareness amongst motorist, for the benefit of all.
To affiliate with the regional governing body and CyclingSA
To arrange and enable member participation in organised cycling events.
To foster youth talent and enable progress to Provincial level and beyond.
To provide encouragement and support to members in terms of school activities and projects.
To provide guidance and assist with study programs with additional support prior to exams.
Develop life skills.
To provide opportunities that will equip our youths with the skills and knowledge to hold successful careers.

Registered Charity Number 1177994

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