Bonga Cycling Academy

The Buffalo Foundation has been supporting Bonga Cycling Academy for the past year contibuting to their sport and education programs. Bonga.Org Cycling Academy is a social development program that provides sport (cycling) and recreational activities to children.Their Academy offers a safe place to play and grow, establishing values of accountability and responsibility, teaching goal setting and instilling in children the ability to dream and achieve their goals.
The Foundation has also been helping Bonga establish a new digital presence with a new website.

Bonga Cycling Academy mission is to run a consistent and sustainable sports development program providing children with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities while contributing to the social upliftment of the community.

Bonga has exciting plans for the future and have key values that the academy is run by, which is:

Trust is at the core of our program including building trust with our sponsors, our donors and with the children so that they know they can rely on the
program and that the program respects and values each child.Provide education support to high school level;

As far as possible we try to always be there for the children in the services that we offer, in the need for contact and support. Our goal is to have the program running effectively so all bikes; equipment, training and races are always accessible to the Provide career opportunities and support career development;

In the township world there is so little consistency, we try to create a buffer for the children to not experience the up’s and downs of a Not-for-Profit organisation and only promise what we can honour building trust with the children where they can come to rely on services and facilities being.

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