On February 15, 2014 the Kwano Cycling Academy was launched in partnership with the Murray High School in Kwanokathula.


Maso tells us how Kwano has helped him with school.


Our Vision

Use cycling as a catalyst to uplift historically disadvantaged youngsters and communities

Our Mission

  • Identify, Coach & Nurture Young Cycling Talent
  • Combine Cycling & Education
  • Focus on Common Value Set & Leadership/Life Skills
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle… Nutrition & Exercise
  • Produce Employable Graduates

Our Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Reliability
  4. Commitment

Our Plan

We have a multi phased plan to build a facility in the Kwanokathula community:

  1. Where student go everyday after school for homework assistance, Extra lessons & ride bikes
  2. Has a BMX “pump track” to attract younger children
  3. Access to computers & the Internet
  4. Provides career counselling & scholarships

Thanks to the generous donations of bikes and basic equipment from Club members and many friends, the Academy started with 10 students. It has since expanded to 14 with plans to be at 40-50 by the end of 2016. There has been tremendous interest amongst the students and the only limitation on participants is the number of bikes.

Currently the students have two training session a week in the Harkerville Forest where they receive skills training from. They also learn about basic maintenance and take responsibility for keeping their bikes properly serviced.
The student’s enthusiasm and dedication has been contagious. Their skills are improving in leaps and bounds and the entire group are already successfully riding single track and tackling increasingly complicated technical challenges.

Our Governance

A Non-Profit company has been established with a Board of Trustees to ensure the appropriate level of governance. We are awaiting SARS approval. Next step is to identify a corporate sponsor/partner who will help us implement our multi year plans.

Currently funding is receiving is from foreign and local donors; 100% of the profit from the annual Tour de Plett MTB races (www.tourdeplett.co.za); The sales of V-bars (energy bars available at The Bike Shop and Knysna Cycle Works).