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£10.00 / month

The Leopard Membership at £10 per month goes a long the way within our academies and can be the difference between a student succeeding or failing. Your donation each month, no matter how big or small, can fund some incredible initiative at our academies. Your £10 per month can fund the following;

  • Ink for a printer for one month to ensure children are able to do assignments
  • £10 can buy 6 tubes that will make sure a child never gets stranded on the side of the road. This will be a good stepping stone to train a child to fix his/her own puncture and be able to train stress-free
  • £10 can buy one 1kg tub of nutrition and will be a positive impact on the strength, training, performance, and recovery of the rider

Your membership makes a difference, get stuck in and join the club now.

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In appreciation of your amazing support, we kindly offer the following benefits to each Buffalo Member:

    • Regular updates from Buffalo Foundation on the work you fund
    • Buffalo Club Welcome Pack

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