Gold Club Member


The Buffalo Membership at £100 per month gains you legendary status as your funding provides an incredible amount of opportunity for our students and our academies. Your donation, each month, can fund one of the following:

  • All meals for a single student for a whole month
  • A brand new laptop for a student to learn on or,
  • Cover all maintenance costs of the entire academies bicycle workshop

Your membership makes a legendary difference, join the club now.


In appreciation of your amazing support, we kindly offer the following benefits to each Buffalo Club Member:

  • Regular updates from Buffalo Foundation on the work you fund
  • Buffalo Club Welcome Pack
  • Recognition on Buffalo Foundation website
  • An inside tour of their academies on where your monthly donation goes and the difference it makes for sport and education
  • Opportunity to ride with one of their cycling academies when in Cape Town or Plettenberg Bay

Find out more about our amazing supported academies here:

Kwano Academy | Songezo Academy | Bonga Academy