The causes we have supported

In our short history, The Buffalo Foundation has supported some truly worthwhile causes. We are passionate about the work we choose to support and are proud to have seen them grow into sustainable projects that continue to make a difference to the lives of those in need.

Everything started with Christoph Sauser and Songo Fipazas’ dream to uplift Kayamandi, the community that he has lived in for numerous years of his life and where he has been working hard to bring about change for his community. provides not only a safe place for children to play but also educational support, both rare commodities in the impoverished township of Kayamandi. With a BMX and mountain bike programme and a clubhouse, provides sport, education and ultimately fun – a small haven for escaping the difficulties of day to day life.

The Buffalo Foundation previously supported through hosting a fundraising dinner, bringing together like-minded individuals to help change the fortunes of children in Kayamandi.

Registered Charity Number 1177994

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