The Buffalo Foundation accepts applications from organisations who work in the UK or South Africa and seek to promote sports, education and entrepreneurship. If you share our ambitions to make a change, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently updating the application process for grants. Please check back for more information.

Before you begin, please read more about the Foundation to establish whether the Buffalo Foundation is the right place for you to apply for a grant. It’s important that you demonstrate how your project is in line with what the Foundation is trying to achieve, as we will not be able to fund you if these are not aligned.

Ask us questions

If, you still have questions about whether you would be eligible to receive grants from us, please email us at We are happy to answer questions you may have before you begin writing an application.

Complete an application form

To apply to us you need to complete our application form. If you have any problems please contact us. We only accept applications in digital form. You can submit your application to us using the upload button below.

It is important to note we only accept applications via our online process. We do not accept applications in any other format, including email. You will receive an email acknowledging your application within 48 hours of submission.

Closing dates

We have two closing dates for applications:

  • 1 February (for consideration in March)
  • 1 August (for consideration in September)

Applications should be received by 1pm on the closing date. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered until the next closing date.


Once a closing date has passed we will read and consider all the applications we have received. This may require seeking additional clarification from you on your answers. If this is the case, we will email you.

Please do not email us to request an update on the progress of your application – you will be notified within six weeks as to the outcome of your application. Unsuccessful applications will receive some feedback as to why the decision was made.

Please note that funding decisions are final, although you are welcome to update and re-submit your application for consideration in the later rounds of funding.

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