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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Together we will build a world of opportunity for those who need it most.


Unfortunately far too many people are born into, or find themselves, in environments that do not or cannot provide them with the opportunities that could enable them to become the best they can be.

People can be amazing. So much potential is lost.

Imagine a world without the thought leadership of Einstein, Mandela, Musk, to name a few. Imagine if someone in a “slum” – in the “developing” or “developed” world – might have the same impact, but that were wasted?

A cycle of disadvantage is created; the lack of opportunities impacts the individuals in that they do not learn the tools to lift themselves out of their situation and in turn, this impacts their families and their communities.

It is The Buffalo Foundation’s mission to bring about as many opportunities as possible, through education and sport, to as many disadvantaged people as possible, so that they are given the chance to reach their full potential, be self-sufficient and in turn, give back to their own communities. Just maybe, to change the world.

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